Chiseled Edge

Creama Bordeaux 1 (3)
Creama Bordeaux, Chiseled Edge

Textured edge that looks like it came straight out of nature.


eased edge

The edge is composed of straight lines. It is a square edge.

Radius A

A curved top edge that is not as rounded as the bullnosed edge. The bottom edge is a square edge.


Copper Canyon 1 (2).JPG
Copper Canyon, Beveled Edge

This edge is also composed of straight lights (no curves) but there is a slant at the top.

Demi Bullnosed

Not as curved as the full bullnose.  It has more the profile of a waterfall.

Full Bullnosed

bullnose edge
Bullnose Edge

This is a very rounded edge–more extreme than the demi bullnose edge.


ogee edge

The ogee edge starts out with a concave arch, which then flows into a convex arch. In other words, the top edge gradually curves inward and then curves outwards. See the picture above for an example.

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