For backsplash the standard edge is the eased edge, so please specify if you are interested in having the backsplash be a different edge. Eased and chiseled edge are included in cost of estimate; other edges are an additional cost.

Below are descriptions of edge profiles we offer.

Chiseled Edge

The chiseled edge is textured and looks very natural and rustic.

Eased/European Edge

Atlas Granite, eased edge

The eased edge is composed of straight lines. This classic yet modern edge is far less rounded than bullnose or radius a edges.

Radius A

The Radius a edge is not as rounded on top as a bullnose edge but more rounded than eased.

3/8 Profile

The 3/8 profile is slightly less rounded than the radius a edge.

Beveled Edge

This edge is composed of straight lines like the eased but there is a slant on the top and there is not rounding a the edges.

Double Bullnose

Lusso Silestone Quartz, Double bullnose

The double bullnose is rounded on the top and bottom and is more rounded than the eased but not as rounded as the full bullnose.

Full Bullnose

The full bullnose edge is rounded on both edges and is more dramatically rounded than all the other edges.

Ogee Edge

The ogee edge starts out with a concave arch, which then flows into a convex arch. In other words, the top edge gradually curves inward and then curves outwards.

Triple Waterfall

Triple Waterfall Edge

The triple water fall edge is the most ornate edge. It resembles the ogee with an extra tier.

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