Sandcarving allows us to carve or etch a design into glass, stone, or another compatible material. Surfaces that work are granite, wine bottles, stainless steel and marble. The material being sandcarved on affects how deeply the design can be carved. Sometimes it’s desirable to lightly etch a material whereas sometimes it’s desirable to carve more deeply.

Portraits are created with halftone images. Half tones are composed of many small dots varying in size and spacing to create a gradient effect. We recommend that halftone designs be etched into solid black stone as busy patterns will make the image hard to see. The end result can have white hi lite monument paint added to make the design stand out or be left natural.

Price depends on the size of the area being carved, design time, and whether the material is provided by the customer.

For wine bottles, the customer must remove the back label if they want that area of the bottle blasted. We will not remove the back label.