What is the first step?

Select a product and get a quote

Which is better, granite or quartz?

One is not better than the other. For more information on the differences, please check out our Quartz VS Granite page.

Which is more expensive, quartz or granite, and what is the price of granite and quartz?

For quartz, it all depends on the brand of quartz and color. For granite, it depends on the color. Prices range from $60 dollars/ square foot to $120 dollars/ square foot. There are less expensive quartz and less expensive granite.

Granite needs a sealer. How long does that last for? Does Quartz need a sealer?

Our granite sealer lasts for 20 years if it has been properly cared for. We will provide you with a care guide for cleaning and maintaining your natural stone. Quartz never needs sealing. We also have care guides for our man-made stone.

What is marble like?

Marble is softer than quartz or granite but not all marble is of the same hardness/softness. This is the main aspect to take into consideration when considering marble. We recommend a honed surface for marble, which can lessen the appearance of wear/scratches from use.

What do I do if I’m satisfied with the quote?

We will draw up a contract. 50% of the total balance is due upon signing.

What all is included in the estimate price?

The cost of the stone, templating, fabrication and installation are all included in the estimate, as well as certain edge details.

How is the stone price estimated?

By square feet.

When will you schedule the template?

Once your slabs arrive in the yard and your cabinets are installed in their final location, we will put you on the schedule.  You, your contractor, or a representative needs to be present to answer any details. Have on site your sink, faucet, and appliance spec sheets to insure an accurate template.

Do you tear out old countertops?

No, we do not.

Can you still template with my old countertops?

Yes. However, they will need to be removed before the install.

Do we need to bring you our sinks?

We get the sinks at time of template. Make sure the sink specs fit the cabinet.

Is it safe to set hot objects directly on the stone?

We do not recommend it. We recommend using a trivet.

How long does fabrication take?

Fabrication can take 15-20 working days (working days=Monday-Friday) or 20-25 working days if using existing countertops at time of template.

When is the remaining balance due?

The day of installation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept check, cash, or credit/debit. With credit/ debit card payments there is a 4% processing fee.

What is the thickness of the stone?

Most of our natural stone is 3cm or 1/4″ (+/- ) 1/8″.

What about 2cm stone?

2cm stone recommend subdecking. The homeowner, contractor, or cabinet maker is responsible for subdecking. We require plywood for a subdeck.

We do not do plumbing, electrical, or gas work.