It is important to know the requirements of the cemetery that the stone will be placed in before purchasing a headstone.


Selecting a Stone Color and Paint Color:

When selecting a color for a granite memorial or monument, it is advisable to pick a granite that has a simple color scheme and pattern. This is because you generally want the inscription and design to be the focal point.

We use monument grade paint for the lettering, which will last a lifetime. Colors available: white, black, beige, and gold. When the memorial is black, there is also the option of not painting the lettering and leaving it natural.

Headstone Types:

Grass Markers: Flat marker. Ours are at least 3″ to 4″.

Slants: stand upright and are at a slant.

Wedges: are similar to grass markers but they have a little slant to them. They are not very tall, unlike slants. For a visual, think wedge heeled shoes. Other names for wedges are pillow and bevel.

uprights: are like traditional “tombstones.” They are upright, not at a slant. Slants and uprights also sometimes have a base that they sit on. Uprights can be different shapes; for instance, one customer ordered an upright shaped like a tear. Other names are dies and tablets.

Standard sizes for most cemeteries:

Prices that are given for a headstone include: name, dates, sentiment and one small graphic. If you would like to add any additional graphics, please ask for pricing.

Single size 12″X24″

Double size 12″X36″

There are additional sizes but the two above are the most common. All prices include granite markers only, with standard designs from our catalog.

We do not set headstones.

Memorial Samples

Sample individual memorial graphics

These are just a sample of our design collection. At our shop we have books that break down individual designs by category (ex: animals.)

Adding a Photograph to Your Memorial:

We can order porcelain memorial portraits to be installed in your memorial. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes (ex: oval, rectangle, heart) and can be color, black and white or sepia. Portraits are pinned into a recess in the stone so that they cannot be easily removed. You can check out our vendor for more details. Portraits are an additional charge.

We can also order Bronze plaques and Granite Benches through our vendors. Check out our bronze memorials page and our vendor’s site for more info.

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