For all stone, we recommend using a trivet or mat for hot objects. Placing hot objects directly on engineered stone can void the warranty and can cause damage over time to both engineered or natural stone.


Quartz is an engineered stone composed primarily of quartz the mineral and a resin. It is uniform in color and pattern and most quartz does not need to be sealed.



Granite is a natural stone, which varies greatly in color and pattern. There are a few types of granite fairly consistent in color and pattern but generally we order slabs within the same lot number or that are bookmatched so that they came out of the same area of the same quarry and “match” each other. We use a 20 year sealer on granite. Rule of thumb is that if the water beads on the surface, it is still sealed. There are cleaning products available that help reseal the granite as they clean.


Soapstone is a natural stone that is softer than quartz or granite.


Marble is softer than quartz or granite and easily etches when an acidic substance comes into contact with it; it is for this reason, that we typically do not recommend it for kitchens.


Quartzite is a natural stone.


Travertine is a type of limestone that is very porous and is considered a softer stone (in comparison to quartz and granite). It often has little fissures within the stone that can be filled; these are an attribute of the stone and not a defect.

Durango Travertine
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