The first step in getting started is to select a color and get a quote. We can figure up square footage based on a drawing with measurements of the counters.

If you are satisfied with the quote we will draw up a contract. 50% of the balance is due upon signing the contract. Once you have signed the contract and paid, we will order your slabs to be delivered to the shop.


Customer or representative needs to be at a template to answer any details.

At the time of template, please make sure you have your sink, faucet, cook top and pop up vent at the job site so as not to delay the fabrication of your stone and install date.

Fabrication & Installation:

Fabrication takes 15-20 working days (Monday -Friday).

Installation usually takes 1 day (about 3-5 hours).

Featured on the left is Delgatie Cambria

Customer Guidelines Prior to Field Measuring:

  • Remodeled tile or other surfaces must be off of all cabinets where granite is to be installed.
  • Remove all countertop items.
  • New sinks, cook tops, and faucets must be on site prior to field measuring–if they are not available, we will need all the items before we can start the job.
  • Know how many and where you need holes for faucets or fixtures.
  • For new construction, make sure cabinets are fully installed and leveled. Make sure bar top supports are in place.
  • Have cleats (supports) on corner walls where there are no cabinets.
  • Make sure the cabinets are fully installed, leveled, and in place.

Customer Guidelines Prior to Installation

  • Remove all countertop items.
  • Remove wall decorations around work area.
  • Cabinet contents will get dusty/dirty. Remove items or cover.
  • Make sure bar top supports are on site and can be mounted by homeowner or cabinet maker after countertop is installed.
  • Have cleats (supports) on walls where there are no cabinets.
  • Once installation is complete, customer should wait 24 hours before hooking up plumbing for the sink.
  • Children and pets should be kept away during installation of granite.
  • Have sub-deck in place. Have holes cut out of the sub-deck where sink and stove are to be placed.
  • If the job site is not ready when the installers arrive, the installers will leave. An additional charge of $200.00 will be added for the second trip.

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